Claudio Gnoli


Areas where I most feel at home, by administrative provinces of Italy (though I also feel quite at home in some areas of France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Croatia...):

Guarda le notti più alte
di questo nord-ovest bardato di stelle
e le piste dei carri gelate...
Paolo Conte, Diavolo Rosso

Favourite places


Furthest visited places

North: 68°40' NInari (Lappland, Finland) 3659 Km route from homein 2002
East:121°04' EPasig (National Capital Region, Philippines)10514 Kmin 2022
South:  4° 3' NDouala (Littoral, Cameroon) 6093 Kmin 2017
West:  9°11' WLisbon (Portugal)  2075 Kmin 2015
High:2920 m a.s.l. Torre del Filosofo (Mount Etna, Italy)1363 Kmin 1997
Low:     0 m a.s.l.first time in Genova Pegli (Italy)   89 Kmin 1969

Places I'd like to visit

Briga Alta, Western Ireland, northern Romania, Caucasian countries.



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